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Aquasis Marine Mammals Program (PMM - Programa de Mamíferos Marinhos) is devoted to the study of aquatic mammals occurring in CE, particularly West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) and Guiana Dolphin (Sotalia guianensis), both of which are endangered species with the highest mortality rates in Ceará.


Aquasis PMM is responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals in CE and assessing the cause of death in the event of mortality, also collecting samples for various studies (contaminants, genetics, diet, health, etc.).

Stranded and orphaned manatee calves are translocated to Aquasis Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center (Centro de Reabilitação de Mamíferos Marinhos) where, after undergoing a successful rehabilitation process, are eventually released back into their natural environment, preferably at or near their place of origin with the objective of helping to reestablish the local population. Cetaceans are preferentially rehabilitated in a natural environment, such as marine estuaries and coastal lagoons.

The Program supports a variety of conservation actions, ranging from beach monitoring to coordinating marine mammal stranding responders in coastal Ceará, with more than 950 animals rescued and cared for over the years.

Conservation strategies are supported by
four axes

Rescue and Rehabilitation


Public Policy

Environmental Education

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Response to strandings of live or dead cetaceans and sirenians in coastal Ceará. 24-hour attendance to calls reporting marine mammal strandings. The rescue team consists of biologists, veterinarians, and volunteers who travel to the stranding location and perform the appropriate procedures according to the status and size of the animal.

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Live cetaceans are cared for and treated at the stranding location according to protocol and returned as soon as possible to the natural environment. Stranded West Indian Manatee calves are taken to the CRMM for full rehabilitation and subsequent release.



Translocation refers to the transport of rescued manatees from the CRMM in Caucaia/CE to the Acclimatization Enclosure in Icapuí/CE, so that they can carry out the final phase of their rehabilitation before being reintroduced to their natural environment.



Following an acclimatization period in the open water enclosure in Icapuí/CE, the manatees are outfitted with telemetry devices (GPS and VHF) and released into the wild again.



After acclimatization to a natural environment, the manatees are released with telemetry equipment (GPS and VHF) into the sea in Icapuí to live in the wild.

Watch our


Watch the West Indian Manatee cordel, by Aquasis Nature Brigade:


PMM Vitor Luz.jpg

Victor Luz

Project manager

PMM Katherine Choi.jpg
PMM Letícia Gonçalves.jpg

Katherine Choi

Letícia Gonçalves

of acclimatization


PMM Aline Ramos.jpg
PMM Thaís Chaves.jpg

Aline Ramos

of Rehabilitation

Thais Chaves

Environmental Education Coordinator

PMM Saulo Castro.jpg

Saulo Castro

Environmental Educator

PMM Alvaros Luccas.jpg
PMM Thomaz Fuzetti.jpg
PMM Camila Carvalho.jpg

Alvaro Lucas

Thomaz Fuzetti

Camila Carvalho

System Supervisor
Life Support

Monitoring Technician


PMM Lucas Pereira.jpg

Lucas Pereira

Monitoring Technician

PMM Cinthya Leite.jpg

Cinthya Leite

Rescue and Rehabilitation Technique

PMM Andressa Fraga.jpg

Andressa Fraga

Rescue and Rehabilitation Technique

PMM Artur Barbosa.jpg

Arthur Barbosa

Acclimatization Technician

PMM Beatriz Queiroz.jpg

Beatriz Queiroz


PMM Kelen Melo.jpg

Kellen Melo

Rescue and Rehabilitation Technique

PMM Ruama Rufino.jpg

Ruama Rufino

Field Technique

PMM Adriano Monitoramento.jpg


Field Monitor

PMM Marcelo Augusto.jpg

Marcelo Augusto

Field Monitor

PMM Vinícuis Rufino.jpg

Vinicius Rufino

Maintenance Assistant

PMM Fábio Victor.jpg

Fábio Victor

Animal Caretaker

PMM Tereza Rebouças.jpg

Tereza Rebolças

General Services

PMM Mario Lopez.jpg

Mario Lopez

Animal Caretaker

PMM Jeferson Souza.jpg

Jeferson Souza

Maintenance assistant

PMM Felipe Catardo.jpg

Felipe Catardo

Rescue and Rehabilitation Technician

PMM Iran Costa.jpg

Iran Costa

Animal Caretaker

PMM Lívia.jpg


General Services

PMM Iandra Oliveira.jpg

Iandra Oliveira

Trainee - Rescue and Rehabilitation

PMM Reginaldo Oliveira.jpg

Reginaldo Oliveira

Animal Caretaker

PMM Brunno Torres.jpg

Bruno Torres

Acclimatization Technician

PMM Caliel Veras.jpg

Caliel Veras

Field Monitor

PMM Bianca Moura 2 .jpg

Bianca Moura

Animal Caretaker

PMM Joel Barros.jpg

Joel Barros

Animal Caretaker

PMM Diego Ramires.jpg

Diego Ramires

Monitoring Technician

PMM Emerson Pereira.jpg

Emerson Pereira

Animal Caretaker

PMM Ivonaldo.jpg


General Services

PMM Cleilson Santos.jpeg

Cleilson Santos

Field Monitor

PMM Franciso Chico.jpg



PMM Caio da Conceição.jpg

Caio Felipe

Animal Caretaker

PMM Jaquim.jpg


Animal Caretaker

PMM Essânio da Silva.jpg

Essenio da Silva

Animal Caretaker

PMM Felipe Guerra.jpeg

Felipe Guerra

Animal Caretaker

PMM Fco Glauberson dos Santos.jpg


Animal Caretaker

PMM Nonato.jpeg

Raimundo Nonato

General Services

PAM Luiz Fernando.jpg

Luíz Fernando

Serviços Gerais

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