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The Nature Brigade (Brigada da Natureza) was born in 2002, with the partnership of SESC/CE, to help promote the self-esteem of at-risk youth living with socially vulnerable conditions in the communities of Iparana/CE.

The project aims to offer a variety of social and educational development activities including cooperative sports, environmental education and workshops in issues of citizenship (race, gender, social diversity, etc.) and art-education (music, theater, dance, etc), also helping to stimulate and prepare youngsters for entering the job market. Since its inception, the Nature Brigade has engaged more than 300 youth members of the project and their families.

The Nature Brigade is a three time recipient of sponsorship through the Light Solidarity Project (Projeto Luz Solidária) of the state energy company ENEL - Ceará, to support the following

  • 2017/18 - Training workshops in job skills and professional development for adolescents in situations of social vulnerability;

  • 2018/19 - Workshops in expression through art, music and dance to develop and perform theatrical presentations with socio-environmental themes;

  • 2019/20 - Cultural preservation and valorization activities to develop cordel literature with environmental themes for public dissemination through video productions;

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Conscious citizens!

Environmental Education is a key element in the formation and training of Nature Brigade members. Based on the cross-cutting concept of socio-environmental consciousness, we aim to address diverse themes that encompass the values of environmentalism and citizenship.



Respectfully and affectionately promote the positive social development of children and teenagers living in the socially vulnerable communities of Caucaia, through creativity in art, environmental education, and citizenship actions.


We conduct non-formal education through artistic, social, and environmental activities focused on the themes of nature conservation and sustainability. Our activities are designed to support the development of positive notions of virtue regarding citizenship and the environment, promoting the enhancement of youth leadership and the multiplication of knowledge in socio-environmental issues and ethics among local communities. The training of Nature Brigade members encourages participatory experiences in artistic and cultural workshops, lectures and shared dialogues, field trips and athletics, among others.


Cooperate to prosper

Nature Brigade members are encouraged to deconstruct the concept of competition through cooperative work and investment in the individual and collective skills of a group. This approach is an essential step in the development and/or recovery of self-esteem, recognition and respect for the diversity and individuality of group participants.


Raising awareness through art

Art stimulates imagination, creativity, originality and self-expression. Theater and music arepowerful artistic tools in the affective and cognitive development of youngsters, enabling social engagement through fun activities and contact with a diversity of thinking, values, and cultures.

Change Boosters.

We believe in the potential of our Nature Brigade members to become the agents of multiplying knowledge in socio-environmental issues, whether it is directly in their own communities or by inspiring people in other communities through their broader outreach activities. In this way, the Nature Brigade also realizes actions that help to raise general awareness by promoting their
messages at cultural events through artistic presentations including performances of original percussion, music, dance, poetry and theatre.


“The Nature Brigade is my greatest source of wealth in knowledge and wisdom. It is the place where we can learn by teaching and experiencing”.

Jefferson Maurício - former Nature Brigade member and current percussion monitor.



Come and
visit us.

The Visitor Center is an interactive learning space that employs audiovisual technology to present information about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

Admission is free and we are open:

Thursday through Saturday,
8:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-5:00 PM.

Attention: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our return to opening hours is gradual and according to public safety standards.
Currently, visits must be made by appointment only. Social distancing and masking are important to preserving public health and well-being.

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Watch the Nature Brigade Cordel .


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Felipe Braga

Environmental Education Nucleus Manager

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