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The Migratory Birds Program (PAM - Programa Aves Migratórias) operates through the integration of actions dedicated to applied research, environmental education and engagement in public policy designed to promote the conservation of coastal birds, both resident and migratory species, of the Western Atlantic Flyway. We are currently working throughout the semi-arid coastal region of northeastern Brazil in the states of Piauí, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte, and expanding our conservation strategies at important priority areas for shorebirds to include the coast of Maranhão and the northern region of Brazil in the states of Pará and Amapá.

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Our work is especially focused on conservation of the most endangered coastal bird species in Brazil:

Aquasis coastal bird conservation projects began following the discovery of significant overwintering populations of the highly endangered Red Knot (Calidris canutus) and other threatened shorebird species at the Banco dos Cajuais in Icapuí/CE, with the funding support of Environment and Climate Change Canada and the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

In 2015, and with the support of Manomet, Aquasis organized a participatory workshop to apply the WHSRN Site Assessment Tool, resulting in the recognition of the Banco dos Cajuais in 2017 as a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site of Regional Importance, just the third such WHSRN site to be designated in Brazil.


red-breasted curlew

( Calidris canutus )


white-backed curlew

( Limnodromus griseus )  

Calidris pusilla.descanso. JPG.JPG


( Caridris pusilla )

Charadrius wilsonia (1).JPG


( Charadrius wilsonia )


rosy tern

( Sterna dougallii )

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network - WHSRN.

In 2019, Aquasis Migratory Birds of Northeast Brazil Project (PAMN - Projeto Aves Migratórias do Nordeste) was selected for sponsorship by the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program. This sponsorship supports our team in the execution of integrated strategies for coastal bird conservation at the Banco dos Cajuais and other important sites in the semiarid coastal zone of northeastern Brazil.

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Watch our short documentary On the Wings of Conservation (Nas Asas da Conservação).

Watch the Migratory Birds of Northeast Brazil "cordel", by the Nature Brigade (Brigada da Natureza).

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Also get to know our Citizen Science platform and download our app.


Jason Mobley_JPG.webp

Jason Mobley

PAM Manager and Technical Coordinator

PAM Victoria Reis.jpg

Victoria Reis

Field Technique

ADM Valfrancy Sales.jpg

Valfrancy Sales


PAM Rafael Becker.jpg
PAM Onofre Monteiro.jpg
PAM Gabriela Ramires.jpg

Rafael Becker

Onofre Monteiro

Gabriela Ramires

Planning Agent

Monitoring Coordinator

Public Policy Coordinator

PAM Fernando Lacerda.jpg
PAM Olga Lisboa.jpg

Fernando Lacerda

Olga Lisboa

Field Monitor

Environmental Education Technique

PAM Emanuele Freitas.jpg
PAM Paulo Pachelle.jpg

Emanuele Freitas

Paulo Pachele

Administrative Assistant

Invertebrate Technician

PAM Luana Oliveira.jpg

Luana Oliveira

Environmental education

PAM Yara Oliveira.jpg

Yara Oliveira

Public Policy Technique

PAM Felipe Braga.jpg

Felipe Braga

Environmental Education Coordinator

PAM Thais Camboim.jpg

Thaís Camboin

Environmental analyst

PAM Elismar Santos.jpg

Elismar Santos

Public Policy Assistant

PAM Tamiris Lima.jpg

Tamiris Lima

Field Technique

PAM Silara.jpg

Silara Kethulyn

Field assistant

PAM Claudia Riello.jpg

Claudia Riello

Content Manager

PAM Giovana Oliveira.jpg

Giovana Oliveira


PAM Rodrigo Albuquerque.jpg

Rodrigo Albuquerque

Marketing analyst

PAM Ianara Vitória.jpg

Ianara Vitória

Environmental Monitor


Learn more about Aquasis Migratory Birds of Northeast Brazil Project (Projeto Aves Migratórias do Nordeste).


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