Antillean Manatee

The Antillean Manatee is the most endangered marine mammal in Brazil, primarily due to the degradation of habitat in the areas that they require to reproduce.

Araripe Manakin

The Araripe Manakin is one of the most threatened bird species in the world and is endemic to the steep slopes of the Araripe Plateau, located in the deep south of the state of Ceará in northeastern Brazil.

Grey-breasted Parakeet

Found only in the state of Ceará, in northeastern Brazil, the Grey-breasted Parakeet is the most critically endangered parakeet species in the Americas, due to illegal wildlife trafficking and habitat loss.

Guiana dolphin

The Guiana dolphin is a costal species that is threatened by habitat degradation and incidental catches in fishing nets.

Migratory birds

Every year, many bird species escape the Northern Hemisphere winter for the coast of Brazil, where they either stopover to feed on their way to destinations further south or stay before returning north to breed.

Protected Areas

The creation of environmentally protected areas is a key strategy in biodiversity and environmental services conservation.